Conditions of participation

Unfortunately, it has become necessary for our Whitsun tournament to formalize certain rules and conditions and to have them confirmed in advance by all participating teams. The contact person must accept the conditions of participation for a successful registration and agrees to inform all team members about the conditions of participation.

We deliberately limited ourselves to the conditions that are really important to us. Please read the few points carefully and stick to it during the tournament.

The following terms and conditions apply to all participating teams and their members in the event period beginning on the friday of the Whitsun weekend at 5pm and ending on Whitmonday at 3pm. The facilities of the Sport Center Bruchsal, the parking lots, playing fields and campsites and the adjoining green areas all belong to the event area.

  1. Music systems are prohibited throughout the venue. These include all types of public address systems, such as active or passive loudspeakers, ghettoblasters, cassette recorders, hi-fi or stereo systems, cars or other devices equipped with one or more loudspeakers.
  2. Glass bottles are prohibited throughout the venue.
  3. The carrying and consumption of alcoholic beverages on the playing fields is prohibited.
  4. In the area around ​​the festival tent (outside and inside) it is forbidden to carry or consume alcoholic drinks which have not been purchased at the organizers’ stands.
  5. The instructions of the organizers of the tournament and the security staff must be obeyed. These are not liable for personal injury or damage to property of the participants.
  6. In the event of a violation of the present conditions of participation or other misbehaviour of the participants, they shall be liable themselves for the resulting damages.
  7. In the event of a violation of the present conditions of participation or other misbehaviour, the associated team may be excluded from the event and be blocked for further events. The tournament fee and all deposits may be deducted.

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